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The world is a small place and we all need to do a little something to preserve the planet, to help create a cleaner environment for our children and future generations.  At In-Motion Promotions we offer our clients a wide variety of environmentally friendly products.  Reusable, recyclable and bio-degradable; apparel made from bamboo, organics and other fabrics; items manufactured out of recycled materials.

So please think and be “Green” minded, not only in life and but also when considering your next promotion.  Allow us to present you with some eco-friendly ideas and products, let’s work together to make the air fresher, the oceans bluer and the planet greener.

Individually, we can each help make a small dent, but collectively, we will all make a big difference!

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Apparel Services

Tee shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, golf shirts, business and leisure shirts, shorts, aerobics, yoga and workout gear.  Cottons, spandex, organics, bamboo, moisture-wicking/performance blends.  Silk screened and embroidered.  Whatever the garment, whatever the fabric, whatever the budget, off the shelf or custom manufactured, we have it.